100+ Assam GK Questions and Answers 2023

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Assam Is An Indian State Which Is Renowned For Assam Silk And Assam Tea. Explore Here More Interesting Facts About Assam. We Are Sharing Below A Complete Set Of 100+ Assam Gk Questions And Answers 2023. We’Ll Keep Adding New Questions Here.

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The Topics Which We Have Covered In Our General Knowledge Questions And Answers Section For Assam Are Its History, Geography, Demographics, Government And Politics, Education, Economy Culture, And Many Others.

100+ Assam GK Questions and Answers 2023

100+ Assam GK Questions and Answers 2023

Check below 100+ GK questions and answers on Assam:

1. Question: Which Is The Largest Man-Made Tanks In Assam?

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Ans. Joysagar

2. Question: The Assam Region Was Separated From The Bengal Presidency As “North-East Frontier” In The Year?

Ans. 1874

3. Question: The Assam Gas Cracker Project Was Approved In?

Ans. April 2006

4. Question: The First Assamese Film Joymoti Was Released In The Year?

Ans. 1935

5. Question: The Assam Agricultural University, Jorhat Was Established In The Year?

Ans. 1969

6. Question: Which One District Is Declared As The First Carbon Free District In Assam (Also In India)?

Ans. Majuli

7. Question: Who Was The First Editor Of The Assamese Magazine ‘Jonaki’?

Ans. Chandra Kumar Agarwala

8. Question: Who Was The First Chief Justice Of High Court Of Assam ( Now Known As Guwahati High Court)?

Ans. R. F. Lodge

9. Question: Total Number Of National Parks In Assam?

Ans. Seven

10. Question: Who Is Also Known As The “Lion Man” Of Assam?

Ans. Radha Govinda Baruah

11. Question: Jorhat Gymkhana Club Which Is The Oldest Golf Course In Asia And The Third Oldest In The World Was Established In The Year?

Ans. 1876

12. Question: “Halodhia Choraye Baodhan Khai” Won The National Film Award For Best Feature Film In The Year?

Ans. 1988

13. Question: Kanaklata Barua Became A Martyr Of Which One Of The Following National Movements?

Ans. Quit India Movement

14. Question: In Ancient Times, Assam Is Also Known By The Name Of?

Ans. Pragjyotishpur

15. Question: Which Day Will Be Observed As Rhino Day In Assam?

Ans. 22nd September

16. Question: Who Is The First Assamese To Climb Mount Everest?

Ans. Tarun Saikia

17. Question: The First Conference Of Asam Sahitya Sabha Was Held At?

Ans. Sivasagar

18. Question: Who Was The First President Of Asam Sahitya Sabha?

Ans. Padmanath Gohain Baruah

19. Question: Which One Is The First Assamese Novel To Win The Sahitya Akademi Award?

Ans. Iyaruingam

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20. Question: From Which Constituency, Bishnu Prasad Rabha Was Elected As M.L.A In 1969?

Ans. Tezpur

21. Question: In Which Hill Top, The Kamakhya Temple Is Located?

Ans. Nilachal Hill

22. Question: Who Was The First American Missionary To Compile A Dictionary Of The Assamese Language?

Ans. Miles Bronson

23. Question: Brahmaputra, After Joining Tista River, Is Known As?

Ans. Jamuna

24. Question: Syed Abdul Malik Won The Sahitya Akademi Award In 1972 For Which Novel?

Ans. Aghari Atmar Kahini

25. Question: The Assam Medical College Was Formerly Known As?

Ans. Berry White Medical School

26. Question: Which Language Is Used By Sankardev To Written Borgeets?

Ans. Brajavali

27. Question: The First Rebellion Against The British Rule In Assam In 1828 Was Led By?

Ans. Gomdhar Knowar

28. Question: In Which Year, The Capital Of Assam Shifted From Shillong To Dispur?


29. Question: In Which Month, Ambubachi Mela Is Celebrated In Kamakhya Temple?

Ans. Ahaar

30. Question: Who Won The Sahitya Akademi Award 2017 In Assamese Language

Ans. Jayanta Madhab Bora

31. Question: Which State Is Not Covered Under The Jurisdiction Of Guwahati High Court?

Ans. Tripura

32. Question: The Guwahati Tea Auction Centre Was Established In The Year?

Ans. 1970

33. Question: The Asam Sahitya Sabha Was First Founded In The Year?


34. Question: Which Forest Is Single-Handedly Planted By Jadav Payeng?

Ans. Molai Forest

35. Question: Nambor Wildlife Sanctuary Is Located In Which District?

Ans. Karbi Anglong

36. Question: Which Actress Wins The National Film Award For Best Child Artist For The Year 2017?

Ans. Bhanita Das

37. Question: The Brahmaputra Cracker And Polymer Limited Industry Is Located At?

Ans. Lepetkata

38. Question: The Naranarayan Setu Connects The Pancharatna Town With Which City?

Ans. Jogighopa

39. Question: Which One Was The First Assamese Film To Won President’S Silver Medal For Best Feature Film?

Ans. Ronga Police

40. Question: The First Women’S University In Assam “Assam Women’S University” Is Located In?

Ans. Jorhat

41. Question: Who Is Also Known As ‘Geetikavi’ Of Assam?

Ans. Parvati Prasad Baruva

42. Question: In Which Year, Lakshminath Bezbaroa Presided Over The Assam Sahitya Sabha Session?

Ans. 1924 Guwahati

43. Question: In Which Year, Kaziranga Was Designated A “Reserve Forest” For The First Time?

Ans. 1908

44. Question: Which One Was The Capital Of The Kachari Kingdom?

Ans. Dimapur

45. Question: Which Is The Highest Mountain Ranges In Assam?

Ans. Barail Range

46. Question: Which Chutia King Established Sadiya As The Second Capital Of Chutia Kingdom?

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Ans. Ratnadhwajpal

47. Question: In Which Of The Districts, The ‘Jonbeel Mela’ Held Every Year?

Ans. Morigaon

48. Question: Which Ahom Queen Built The Sivadol In Sivasagar?

Ans. Ambika Kunwori

49. Question: When Bhupen Hazarika Had Been Awarded With Dadasaheb Phalke Award?

Ans. 1992

50. Question: The Historic Assam Accord Was Signed On?

Ans. 15th August, 1985

51. Question: The Patkai Bum Range Makes The Boundary Between?

Ans. India And Burma

52. Question: Who Directed The Assamese Film “Shakuntala”?

Ans. Dr Bhupen Hazarika

53. Question: Which One Is Not A Administrative Districts Of Barak Valley In Assam?

Ans. Dima Hasao

54. Question: Assam’S Only Chemical Fertiliser Plant Is Located In?

Ans. Namrup

55. Question: Who Was The First Chief Minister Of Assam?

Ans. Gopinath Bordoloi

56. Question: Which Is The Only Assamese Who Represented India In The First Round Table Conference Held At London In 1930?

Ans. Chandradhar Barua

57. Question: Who Is Also Known As The Father Of The Bhryamyman Or Mobile Theatre Of Assam?

Ans. Achyut Lahkar

58. Question: The Namdang Stone Bridge Was Constructed During The Reign Of Ahom King?

Ans. Rudra Singha

59. Question: The First Non-Government College Of Assam Is?

Ans. J.B. College, Jorhat

60. Question: In Which Year, Malladev (Nara Narayan) Acquired The Title Narayan?

Ans. 1540

61. Question: The Book “Hastividyarnava” Was Written Under Which Ahom Ruler?

Ans. Siva Singha

62. Question: In Which District The “Sri Surya Pahar” Is Located?

Ans. Goalpara

63. Question: The Illustration Work Of The Medieval Assamese Text “Hastividyarnava” Was Done By?

Ans. Sukumar Borkaith

64. Question: The First Ahom Monarch To Assume The Hindu Title “Swarganarayan” Was?

Ans. Suhungmung

65. Question: The Gohain Kamal Ali Road Was Constructed During The Reign Of?

Ans. Nara Narayan

66. Question: How Much Percent Of The Indian Landmass Is Covered By The State Of Assam?

Ans. 2.39%

67. Question: The District Which Was Separated From Assam And Was Given To East Pakistan In The Year 1947 Was?

Ans. Sylhet

68. Question: Assam’S Only Fishery College “College Of Fisheries Science” Is Located In?

Ans. Raha

69. Question: Which One Is The First Film Where Bhupen Hazarika Sings As Playback Singer?

Ans. Indramalati

70. Question: Who Had Conferred Gopinath Bordoloi With The Title “Lokapriya”?

Ans. Jairam Das Daulatram

71. Question: Which One Was The Second Film Directed By Jyotiprasad Agarwala?

Ans. Indramalati

72. Question: Kamakhya Temple Was Rebuilt By Which One Of The Following Koch King?

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Ans. Naranarayan

73. Question: Who Was The First Vice-Chancellor Of Guwahati University?

Ans. Krishna Kanta Handique

74. Question: Which Town Is Also Known As The Manchester Of Assam?

Ans. Sualkuchi

75. Question: Who Was The Last King Of Ahom Kingdom In Assam?

Ans. Purandar Singha

76. Question: The Abhiruchi Sports Day Is Celebrated On?

Ans. September 3rd

77. Question: Swahid Divas Is Celebrated On?

Ans. 10th December

78. Question: Which Singer Is Also Popularly Known As The “King Of Bihu”?

Ans. Khagen Mahanta

79. Question: In Which Year Mamoni Raisom Goswami Win The Jnanpith Award?

Ans. 2000

80. Question: Who Was The Second President Of Assam Sahitya Sabha?

Ans. Chandradhar Barua

81. Question: Who Is The First Assamese Recipient Of Sahitya Akademi Award?

Ans. Jatindranath Dowara

82. Question: The Itakhulir Rann Was Fought Against Mughal During The Reign Of?

Ans. Gadadhar Singha

83. Question: Which City Of Assam Has The Largest Dry Fish Market Of Asia?

Ans. Jagirod

84. Question: Gibon Wildlife Sanctury Is Located At?

Ans. Jorhat

85. Question: Who Is The First Recipient Of Asom Ratna Award?

Ans. Bhupen Hazarika

86. Question: Which Ahom King Had The Shortest Reign Of 21 Days Only?

Ans. Samaguria Rojaa

87. Question: According To The 2017 Elephant Census, Total Number Of Elephants In Assam Is?

Ans. 5719

88. Question: The First Session Of The Assam Assembly Was Held In?

Ans. 7th April, 1937

89. Question: Lakshminath Bezbaroa Is Honoured With ‘Rasaraj’ By Asam Sahitya Sabha In The Year?

Ans. 1931

90. Question: In Which Year, National Games Was Held In Assam?

Ans. 2007

91. Question: The Phulaguri Uprising Was Take Place?

Ans. 1861

92. Question: Who Had Written The Poetry Anthology ‘Alakananda’?

Ans. Nalini Bala Devi

93. Question: Which One Is The Only Left Tributary Of Barak River?

Ans. Sonai River

94. Question: The Hayagriva Madhava Temple Of Hajo Is Located In Which Hill?

Ans. Monikut Hill

95. Question: Which City Is Also Known As “The Cultural Capital Of Assam”?

Ans. Jorhat

96. Question: Who Is Known As The Father Of Assamese Prose Literature?

Ans. Bhattadeva

97. Question: The Dhodar Ali Is Constructed During The Reign Of?

Ans. Gadadhar Singha

98. Question: In Which District, Sainik School Is Located?

Ans. Goalpara

99. Question: In Which Year Was The Bodo Sahitya Shabha Founded?

Ans. 1952

100. Question: Which District Is Not Under The Btad Council?

Ans. Goalpara

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